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How to make Okra Soup (Obe ila) with Fresh Fish and Assorted Meat
11/9/2013 7:07:11 AM

Okra soup (also called Okro soup or Lady's finger soup) is a delicious soup popular in a number of areas of the world. It is also a popular Nigerian Soup and called Ofe Okwuru (Igbo), Obe Ila (Yoruba ), Miyan Kubewa in Hausa language. Some folks love their okra soup chunky, while others want it smooth, but all that actually matters is that the soup comes out tasty and delicious.

Okra soup is quite simple to prepare and you never have to break the financial institution or have any cooking skills to make a delicious sizzling pot of okra soup. Below you'll observe easy it's to create this soup. Okra is also perfect for weight watchers and has plenty of health benefits. Many of these benefits can be found here. Here's a video recipe on How to Make Nigerian Okra Soup

Step By Step: How to Make Beans and Plantain Porridge
11/8/2013 8:56:47 PM

Nigerian Beans & plantain porridge is a meal comprised of ripe plantains and beans. This really is delicious bowl and has recognition over the years , because so many parents can see it as a means of getting their kids to consume beans. The supplement of the ripe plantains, gives the meal , that special taste that kids enjoy so much. Adults also fine it palatable...here's a simple formula for you.

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