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Today's Recipe: Fresh Plantain Fufu

I was very excited when
Fadekemi hit me up on twitter with a fresh plantain fufu recipe; it’s something that never crossed my mind prior. I set out to buy plantains and after a few trials  here we are. Since this post has a health component to it, I decided to do a brief comparison between traditional cassava and Plantain.

Continue after the break.

Summary: Plantain is lower in calories and carbohydrate however it’s significantly higher in sugar than cassava.  If you are counting calories or on a low carb diet, plantain fufu is a much better option however if you are sugar sensitive, stick with cassava based fufu.



  • Peel and cut the plantain into small pieces

  • Combine plantain and water in a blender. puree to a smooth paste
  • Pour the plantain puree into a pot, set on high heat

  • Stir the mixture with a spatula until the puree begin to cuddle. Reduce the heat to medium and continue to stir until you have a stretchy dough

    Serve the fufu and set aside to cool (this will harden the fufu a little more)

    Enjoy with your choice of soup

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