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How to make Okra Soup (Obe ila) with Fresh Fish and Assorted Meat

Okra soup (also called Okro soup or Lady's finger soup) is a delicious soup popular in a number of areas of the world. It is also a popular Nigerian Soup and called Ofe Okwuru (Igbo), Obe Ila (Yoruba ), Miyan Kubewa in Hausa language. Some folks love their okra soup chunky, while others want it smooth, but all that actually matters is that the soup comes out tasty and delicious.

Okra soup is quite simple to prepare and you never have to break the financial institution or have any cooking skills to make a delicious sizzling pot of okra soup. Below you'll observe easy it's to create this soup. Okra is also perfect for weight watchers and has plenty of health benefits. Many of these benefits can be found here. Here's a video recipe on How to Make Nigerian Okra Soup

   * 300grams Okra (Ladyfingers)
   * 2 cooking spoons Red Palm Oil
    *500grams Assorted meat(Beef, Shaki(Cow's Tripe), Ponmo(cow's skin), turkey, chicken(you can use anyone of choice or all if you choose)
    *200 grams Assorted Fish (Dry Fish, Stock Fish,Fresh or Iced Fish )(you can use anyone of choice or all if you choose)
    * 1 tablespoonful ground Crayfish
   * 1 small onion bulb( for cooking the meat).You can add some to the soup if you want to.
    * 2 handfuls of shredded green Vegetable – Pumpkin leaves or Spinach
    * 2 big stock cubes (bouillon cube)
    * Pepper to taste
    * Salt to taste

TIP: If you are on a weight  or health watch, you are able to substitute palm oil for  stew oil from any red stews or use blended tomatoes. These are healthy alternatives , nonetheless it won't provide you with the distinct taste of palm oil.
 So, I'll recommend you add merely a tablespoonful of red palm oil to your tomatoes, ONLY if you'd like that distinct palm oil taste ☺.

Cooking direction
Before your cook the Okra soup
** Chop the okras into tiny bits, but if you'd like it less chunky, you are able to grate it with a grater. Put aside
   Shred or cut the vegetables into thin sliced and set aside.

** Season the stock fish and assorted meat with an inventory cube, onions and salt to taste.Cook until tender.
  If you'll be using  shaki(cow's tripe) or ponmo(cow's skin), you'll need to cook them first before adding the other meat as they are tough.
 Add the new or iced fish and precook for 5minutes.(that's if you're using this)

Now,to cook the Soup...
* In a clean dry pot, warm up the palm oil , add the chopped or grated okras and stir-fry for 5 minutes until you start to begin to see the okra mucilage(''until it begins to draw a bit'')

* Add the stock from the cooked meat and fish. Add the ground crayfish, pepper, stock cube and the cooked assorted meat and fish (don't are the precooked fresh fish yet , such that it doesn't overcook and break into pieces).
 Cover and leave to cook for 5 minutes. Okra can also be a vegetable, so try not over cook it.
 TIP :  

* After 5 minutes, add the vegetables, salt to taste and the Precooked Fresh or iced fish. Cover and simmer for 3 minutes or before the fish is well cooked.
 And you delicious Okra soup is ready. See how easy it's to create a yummy okra soup. You probably don't need all the  assorted meat and fishes, but once we say in Nigeria''Food wey sweet, na money kill am''meaning''A rich soup, cost some money''☺.

Okra soup is usually served with pounded yams, eba, fufu , tuwo masara, wheat meal and other ''swallow meals''.

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