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Trofai Palm Nut Fruit

 Trofai Palm nut good fresh fruit concentrate sauce for soup. Like the others, it would work also for banga grain or banga yam porridge. Trofai side nut good fresh fruit concentrate is made from freshly squeezed side nut good fresh fruit juice. No preservatives added. Found in the planning of side nut good fresh fruit soup, also referred to as banga soup, a extremely popular West African soup, particularly in Ghana and Nigeria. Empty the content of this can into an varied pre-boiled and spiced meat and fish, let to simmer. Add combined mixture of onions, warm pepper, tomatoes, and boil. Many would contain some specific spices like ataieko and iregaegie along with dry bitter leaf. Banga soup could be offered with foofoo or gari, or hammered yam.
Price  5.50 €
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