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Here at Afrishop online we're absolutely crazy about African food but we find it frustrating that its sometimes difficult to get our hands on good quality food from some regions. So on one bright sunny day we decided to create a website where people across Europe can buy quality African food from the comfort of their home, office, on the train... (sure you get the gist!) with cross-country delivery directly to their doorstep.

Introducing Afrishop online.

We chose to call our website Afrishoponline because we wanted it to be all about you and your shopping. First we put together a small team of people that are just as passionate about African food as we are,  then we sourced some of the best products we can find often working directly with independent suppliers ensuring you get only the freshest products delivered to you,and finally we built a website packed with useful features that makes it very easy for you to shop.
We love products that are readily available on the high street but we're also quite passionate about creating a platform where new, independent African food suppliers can be seen and heard. We think its about time African food gains more recognition in Europe, and we would love to have you join us on this exciting journey. We promise you will enjoy every part of it! 





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